You and nature in harmony.
10 people
1 house
10 beds
4 bathrooms

ALL-INCLUSIVE € 349/Digital Detox Weekend; Special price 280 €

  • Mobile-free Digital Detox Weekend
  • 2x accommodation at Zenja
  • 2x full board accommodation, enjoy home-made food and drinks
  • Kinergetix & Dao Yin with Mateja Šajna
  • A sound healing bath with Mojca Cej and Robert Jarec
  • Organic wine tasting and dinner – Štemberger Winery
  • Experience Homestead Belajevi - Herb gardens and homemade food
  • A unique visit to the Karst Living Museum
  • A personal touch and professional guides
  • A gift

When would you like to come?

Invite your friends for a rejuvenating, relaxing and explorative break in Slovenia, the Karst region, at Zenja. We wake up with the ancient Dao Yin teachings, recharge ourselves by practicing Kinergetix, visit the magical Homestead Belajevi and enjoy eating top delicacies from the Karst region. We follow that up with a relaxing listening sessions, sounds of gongs and Tibetan singing bowls. We explore hidden corners of the Škocjan Caves Park and experience the Karst Living Museum.


We leave for Karst on Friday afternoon. First, there is a welcome reception and an introduction to the Digital Detox, followed by phone confiscation on the way to our destination. We arrive early in the evening to our lodgings in Zenja. 
Zenja offers a variety of programs for the purpose of creating harmony within ourselves in conjunction with the nature. It is located in a quiet village Doljne Ležeče, in the Regional Škocjan Caves Park and offers four fully equipped apartments for two or three people. The house includes a small gym, a massage and therapy room, a glass enclosed meeting and workshop space as well as a Feng Shui garden where we gather and relax.  Your host will be the owner of Zenja, Mateja Šajna. Mateja will lead you in the morning Dao Yin and Kinergetix energy sessions. 
She will help you explore your inner-self and then also the Karst region, as she will take you on an exploration of the Škocjan CaveS Park through to Homestead Belajevi.
"The biggest step away from our limitations occurs when we first start questioning our beliefs."
Rudi Kerševan

Dao Yin in Kinergetix

To start the day, we will encounter the mind-body techniques of Dao Yin and Kinergetix in the morning, which will ensure we start the day in harmony with ourselves. Dao Yin is an ancient Chinese set of body-mind exercises aimed at maintaining good health. These pleasant exercises warm our body, open our energy channels and stimulate our central and peripheral nervous system. The exercises are also suitable for our joints, tendons and ligaments as they improve the body's flexibility, stimulate internal organs and develop strong and elastic muscles. Kinergetix is a dynamic meditation method with over a thousand years of practice, proven and updated with the latest methodologies in the fields of physiology and physiotherapy. Kinergetix is used for the generation and cultivation of life energy and is thus used for self-healing, as it influences you in many ways, including: rejuvenates and improves your vitality, increases energy levels, heals (both preventively and curatively) and increases our personal growth. Dao Yin and Kinergetix exercises are simple and easy to do for everyone regardless of gender, age or fitness. We also offer a “three oceans” massage for an additional fee.

Superb cuisine in Karst

Throughout the Digital Detox we will enjoy the superb cuisine typical of the Karst region. We will enjoy a typical local dinner exclusively made from home-made foods and a organic wine tasting at the Štemberger Winery. On Saturday, we will visit Homestead Belajevi that will host a herbal lunch. The beautiful Homestead Belajevi is a place of simplicity, authenticity and homeliness. It's a place filled with pleasant and relaxing energy, a gentle reminder of the time when we lived more peacefully and in tune with nature. Whenever we are inundated with things we do not need, it is healthy to return back to basics, rest our bodies and nourish our hearts. Homestead Belajevi is home to the largest collection of medical herbs, spices and weeds in the Karst region that are a joy to see and smell. Filled with benefits of the herbs, we walk back through the Škocjan Caves Park, to Zenja.

Sound healing bath

On Saturday evening we will enjoy a magical sound healing bath with Mojca Cej and Robert Jarec. The emitting sounds will propel us on a journey of spiritual awareness and deep psychophysical relaxation. The vibrations and sound of gongs cover a wide spectre of frequencies and tones which resonate with the frequency of our organs and create harmony in our body. Alongside the Moon Gong (60cm), there will also be a larger Earth gong (96cm) vibrating on one string, and thus creating a special link of vibrations.

A visit to the Karst Living Museum

After the morning Kinergetix and breakfast on Sunday, we visit the Karst Living Museum which is a hidden miracle of nature and a real treasure cove, a phenomenom. The area encompassing the museum, with its typical phenomena: sinkholes, bays, shore valleys, slopes, abysses and, of course, underground caves, measures over 700 hectares and is defined as an ecologically important area. For almost half a century, this area was closed to visitors. The selected area of the Karst Museum is the area of the so-called classical Karst with the highest number of viewable Karst phenomena. On the edge of the area, there is also the oldest tourist cave in Europe, the Vilenica Cave, and the most picturesque but closed to tourists, Gustinčičeva Cave. The river Reka / Timav crosses deep underground. The experience of the visit is priceless.
"Attitude towards time is a question of attitude towards life.”Rudi Kerševan


We will complete our Digital Disconnection with a home-made lunch in Betanija pr Betanci. We head towards home feeling deep personal happiness. We return your phones and surprise you with a special gift, which will remind and support  to continue practices we learned at the Digital Detox in Slovenia.

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